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CREEED applies comprehensive approach to accelerating development, implementation and transfer of climate technologies relevant to Central Asia and serves as a one-stop-shop for providing information, consultation and implementation services related to RES and energy efficiency.

CREEED specializes in implementation of solar, biogas, micro hydro power, wind and energy efficiency projects. We have key contacts and detailed knowledge of Central Asia renewable energy industry and local conditions and provide our clients with all the services necessary to develop and implement RES systems and energy efficiency measures.

CREEED was created with the support of UNDP/GEF Small Hydro Power Development project in the Kyrgyz Republic and was designed to face the challenges of bridging technological, company and finance, and market development gaps of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions through:
1. Building the capacity of customers, consultants and enterprises through training, technical advice and mentoring;
2. Enabling collaboration and supporting an ecosystem that aggregates existing partners, promoting leveraging existing resources and infrastructure, technology partnerships and linkages to global networks;
3. Identifying and unlocking market opportunities through access to information and consulting services, facilitating technology adaptation and local development;
4. Facilitate development, demonstration and maintenance of RES through access to equipment and facilities and provision of quality implementation and maintenance services of RES objects.
5. Facilitating access of enterprises and customers to flexible finance;
6. Drafting and advocating legal and normative acts related to RES and EE sector together with other stakeholders.

Our Renewable Energy Sources and EE services include:

  • Project implementation services;
  • Energy audit of buildings and organisations with development of energy efficiency measures;
  • Feasibility studies, project management, selection and procurement of renewable energy producing equipment, turn-key system development;
  • Renewable system installation, commissioning, monitoring, analysis of system and component performance; repair and maintenance of renewable energy systems;
  • Research, barrier identification and resolution, stakeholder value analysis, case study development;
  • Trainings on RES systems, development of educational, information materials, operating manuals;
  • Drafting and advocating legal and normative acts related to RES and EE sector together with other stakeholders.

Implemented projects:

  • «Capacity building of local consultants on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Kyrgyz Republic» project for BAS EBRD in the KR, 2012-13.
  • Installing 12 Solar 3-kW PV systems in rural areas of the Kyrgyz Republic with JGH Group, Denmark for a UNDP/WHO/UNIDO project “Providing rural First Aid Station with reliable electricity supply», 2012-13.
  • Supporting Fluid PF in implementation of 4 biogas projects with international organizations (UNDP, BAS, private companies) and overseas expansion to DPRK and Croatia, 2012-13.
  • Installing 9 Solar 3-kW PV systems in Uzbekistan with JGH Group, Denmark for UNDP Uzbekistan, 2014.
  • Feasibility Assessment and implementation partner of Green Village Initiative in KR, for UNDP, 2015-2016.
  • Installing solar hot water system for kindergarten of Ugut “Green village” in Naryn province, KR with the support of UNDP, 2015.
  • Installation of PV system with installed capacity 0,6 kW for energy supply close to Bishkek, 2015.
  • Installing solar hot water system for first aid station of Kyzyl Jyldyz village in Naryn province, KR with the support of UNDP, 2015-16.
  • Series of trainings for UNDP «Green villages» on renewable energy and implementation of energy efficient solutions, 2015-2016.
  • Express Energy Audit for Kalipso Center, Bishkek, 2016.
  • Training on RES for DAAD Project “Practice-oriented training programs in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia” in Kyrgyz State Architectural University in cooperation with the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences, 2016.
  • Installing solar hot water system for Elderly Resource Center in Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan, within UNDP “Green village” Initiative, KR with the support of UNDP, 2016.
  • Implementation partner for UNDP “Sustainable Energy Solutions for Rural Kyrgyzstan” Project, 2016.
  • Feasibility study and development of implementation plan for creation of pilot Green Villages in Osh region of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNDP Kyrgyzstan, 2016.
  • Development and production of experimental stands for demonstration of PV and solar water heating technologies for GIZ, 2016.
  • Supply and installation of solar hot water system for kindergarten and hospital in Ak-Tuz village, Kyrgyzstan with the support of UNDP, 2017.
  • Supply and installation of 3 Solar 0.8-kW PV systems for National Nature Park “Khan Tengri”, within Improving the Coverage and Management Effectiveness of Protected Areas in the Central Tian Shan Mountains UNDP Project, 2017.
    Pre-feasibility studies for on-grid PV stations with installed capacities of 10-30 MW, 2017-2018
  • Testing applicability of selected SWHs based on the drain-back and drain-out technologies for the use by low-income people in Kyrgyzstan for IFC, 2017-2019.
  • Express energy audit and supply and installation of 3 heat pumps, 10 solar hot water systems and 5 PV systems for South Shore Tourist Destination Members, within contract with Deloitte, 2018.
  • Analysis of green technologies for «Promotion of Sustainable Economic Development » (NaWi/GIZ) Project, 2018 – 2019.
  • Assistance to Integration GmbH in supplying 90 sets of DC PV systems for ADB/ RETA 9168: Access to electricity with new off-grid solar technology in Central Asia.
  • “Energy Access Small and Medium Enterprises Development” project implementation for UNDP/OFID, 2018 – 2020.
  • Conducting trainings and research for the expert community on the development of principles of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in the Kyrgyz Republic, within the framework of the SCP-ACT5-020 agreement between the WFP and the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Development, 2022.

Developed manuals and guidebooks:

Biogas technologies: Introduction to biogas plants (35 pages); Biogas technologies (100 pages)
Solar energy: Introduction to solar energy (35 pages); Solar technologies (250 pages)
Heat pumps: Introduction to heat pumps (35 pages); Heat pumps (90 pages)
Hydro energy: Introduction to hydro energy (35 pages); Micro and small hydro plants (100 pages)
Wind energy: Introduction to wind energy (50 pages);
Energy efficiency: Introduction to energy efficiency (35 pages); Energy efficiency and thermal insulation of buildings (100 pages)

For more information contact:
Tatiana Vedeneva
CREEED President

1a Shabdan-Baatyra St.,
720082 Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic
Tel/fax: +996 312 533763
Mobile: +996 555755306

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