Biogas training in KR, January 2013

CREEED has developed and conducts a series of trainings, aimed at:

Creating a team of local consultants on renewable energy and energy efficiency for the developing local markets of renewable energy, improving standards of living and supporting sustainable development of the Kyrgyz Republic;
Capacity building of local consultants to provide advice on the best availiable solutions of energy problems through the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures;
development of a new model of consulting services through the creation of software tools for consultants to assess the benefits of a combination of renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency measures;
unite local consultants on renewable energy and energy efficiency in one network , which will promote the development of advisory services and the introduction of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Introduction to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The training program aims to provide an overview and introduction to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in order to enable participants to obtain and disseminate relevant information on benefits of alternative technologies, possibilities of their use among residents of their community.
Training participants will be interviewed to participate in the follow-up training, “Theory and practice of introducing renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in the Kyrgyz Republic.”

Theory and practice of implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in the KR

The training program includes a comprehensive theoretical and practical information about following technologies:
• Energy Efficiency
• Biogas technology
• Solar and thermal technology
• Micro and mini hydro and wind power

The program includes training on providing consultations trough using special software for consultants, as well as visiting existing facilities / equipment near Bishkek.

Training participants will be tested after the training if they wish to participate in the further practical training program. After passing the test participants will be awarded certificates of “Beginner consultants on RES” and recommended to participate in practical projects of CREEED and partners.

Projects on implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures (BAS and other donors)

Beginner consultants on RES will, together with CREEED, develop criteria and select customers / beneficiaries for projects, will particiopate in developing applications for financial support and participate in the practical part of the project implementation (consulting, construction, installation, maintenance), obtaining in this way an additional, and perhaps even main, source of income.

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