Solar power systems

When you buy a complete solar power system from CREEED you can be sure that it is built from the highest quality and most appropriate components.

For offgrid systems we supply systems packages to provide an independent source of clean electricity where there is no main supply. We supply standard systems packages for many different types of independent electricity need and for other cases we will design a custom solution – just tell us the daily electricity requirement and the location. As well as systems that run exclusively on solar power we also design hybrid power systems where the solar power is used in conjunction with a backup generator for situations where this is the most economical solution.

For grid-connected systems, we offer systems from a wide range of solar modules, mounting systems and inverters to suit all types of building or open site, ac backup systems where the solar power supply and batteries provide a reliable source of electricity during prolonged regular power cuts.

Most offgrid systems contain batteries. Batteries in solar power systems need careful supervision of their charging and discharging.

Our standard systems packages include:

  • Small Power Package : a range of small solar power systems designed for ease of transport and quick installation. Used in many different humanitarian aid applications.
  • Solar Water Pumping packages : we have a small range of standard packages for water pumping. If these do not fit your exact needs, please ask for a quotation for a custom-designed system.
  • Solar Power for Holiday Homes : These small systems provide power for 12V DC appliances like lights, small refrigerators, laptops, mobile phone chargers, etc. Larger systems (Big Power Packages) provide 220/230V AC supply for standard AC appliances.
  • Solar Roof/Ground Systems : grid-connected system packages for private houses.
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