Invitation to solar technology training from 15 to 19 April 2013 in Bishkek

Dear candidates to technical consultants on solar technology,

After some delays due to administrative issues, CREEED is pleased to invite you to participate in a round 2 training on solar and thermal energy, which will be held from 15 to 18 April in Bishkek at 1a Shabdan Baatyr St, Bishkek, KR. Trainig program will be provided soon.

As you have already seen in previous report on the results of interviews with 106 participants of 1 round of trainings, there were chosen 61 candidates in the category of “technical advisers”, among them – 42 expressed a desire to work with CREEED and its partners in the field of “solar and thermal energy”

As originally we planned to invite no more than 10 candidates and planned appropriate funding, CREEED decided to reduce the training duration without loss of content from 5 to 3 days to allow the participation of all 42 candidates.

The invited participants, listed in the Annex should confirm their participation by SMS to 0777920777 indicating the full name and membership number or email the same to or until 10 April 2013.

Participants in the first round of training, which were not included in the list of invited participants in the Annex or any other interested persons may participate in the training, cost of participation – 4500 soms per person.

Best wishes,
Tatiana Vedeneva
President of CREEED

Invitation letter and list of participants

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