First round of seminars on RES sucessfully completed

CREEED has completed first series of seminars within the framework of the Project ¬ęBuilding capacity of local consultants on renewable energy and energy efficiency¬Ľ . This part of the project was supported by UNDP Project “Small HPP Development” and consisted of conducting 4 seminatrs in Bishkek, Osh and Karakol for 164 participants from 7 Oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic.

109 of the participants have been interviewed by CREEED experts, BAS EBRD and UNDP specialists for defining interests in particular RES and future cooperation modalities with CREEED.

The results of the interviews have led CREEED to alter the pre-defined structure of the project, as, apart from 32 technical consultants that were the main tagret audience of the project, participants have been identified as informational consultants, clients and project partners for CREEED.

CREEED will work with each of these groups within planned activites of the Center and will develop additional capacity building activities for informational consultants.

Presentations on RES and EE used during the seminar, can be downloaded below (Russian):

CREEED intriductory presentation
Energy Efficiency
Intro to RES, sola and thermal energy
Biogas technologies
Small and micro HPP
Wind energy.

First round of seminars on RES sucessfully completed